Common Treatments For Bed Bug Bites

Realizing the overnight bite of bed bugs can be very problematic & painful. However, treating a bite of bed bugs is very easy & simple. You can treat the bed bug bites with some natural homemade remedies. First of all, you need to wash the affected area with warm water & soap. It will give you instant relief from a bed bug bite. You can also apply an ice pack if you want to reduce the swelling. So, bed bug control is very important if you want to keep them away from your home.

Here Are Common Treatments For Bed Bug Bites:-

  1. Apply Calamine Lotion

You can apply this lotion if you want to treat the bed bug bite. It gives you relief from itching & rashes.

  1. Paste Baking Soda & Water

Apply directly the paste of Baking soda & water to the skin. Let it dry for some time & then wipe it off with a soft cloth. It will surely help you to protect against your skin rashes due to bed bug bites.

  1. Use Menthol Toothpaste

Using Menthol toothpaste is the best anti-itch remedy for the bed bug bite. You can apply an ample amount of this toothpaste to the bed bug bite to relieve the burning itching.

  1. Using Witch Hazel Plant

The Witch Hazel plant provides a gentle drug effect that gives you relief from itching after a bed bug bite. This Witch Hazel plant is available in the form of capsules & mother medicine.

  1. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gives you the best & quick relief from a bed bug bite. Aloe Vera has some active substances & amino acids which give you relief from itching and burning sensations. 

  1. Use Lemon Juice

It is the most effective treatment to relieve bed bug bites. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to deal with harmful bites. Lemon juice will help to dry the rashes and itchiness. It will also help in reducing the redness and swelling.

Here Are Tips To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home:

Check Your Baggage And Hotel Room When You Arrive

Always check your belongings & hotel rooms when you arrive. Check for signs of bedbugs during unpacking. The typical signs of bed bug presence are shed skins, & blood spots. They are mostly present on the bed of hotels. So, when you found them just call the local pest control company to remove them quickly.

Avoid Putting Your Case On The Bed 

Many of us do the first thing when we arrive at the hotel, and put our case on the bed. But if you suspect that there’s a Bed bug problem, Avoid putting your case on the bed. We advise you to Just your case in an empty bath or shower. This will help you to decrease the risk of bed bugs. So, bed bugs crawl from the bedding inside your case.


If you found a bed bug infestation then we advise you to hire the best pest inspection company to do proper pest removal. Experts know how to treat the bed bug & their bites issue quickly and efficiently. They also use some specialized solutions to eradicate bed bugs from your home.

Keep Your Home Free From Bed Bugs | You Need To Contact Pest Control Services

Are you having a bed bug infestation in your home? Is your bed full of bed bugs? These are the worst nightmare for any homeowner. To prevent the infestation of bed bugs and stop their growth, there are numerous things that one can try. You can go for natural ways of removing the bed bugs or pest control whatever suits you. Want to know about keeping your home bed bug free? If yes then go through these-

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services
  1. Use steam ironing

For the removal of bed bugs, you can try steam methods. This is one of the most effective methods that can be used for the removal of bed bugs. The good thing is that bed bugs cannot survive in hot and steamy conditions. Therefore, you can try using the steam method to get rid of bed bugs from your home permanently. First of all,  try steam ironing on your upholstery or bed. Steam on couches, sofas, chairs, mattresses, and other places where bed bugs hide can be useful. This will bring them out and you can kill them with ease. You can also use a steam cleaner for this as it’s a completely safe and secure way to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Cover your mattresses

For an effective level of Bed Bug Control, you can also make use of a mattress cover or protector. It has been seen that bed bugs mainly attack beg, mattresses, couch, etc. Thus, one of the best things that you can do is to cover your mattresses. Once they attack your bed, it becomes hard to remove them and you’ll only be left with one option and that is to replace it with a new mattress. The best way to remove bed bugs is to protect your mattresses using a cover.

  1. Use repellant

Today, there’s the availability of different types of bed bug repellant that you can use. The good thing about these repellants is their natural ingredients. Thus, these work effectively only on the bed bugs. Repellants suffocate the bed bugs which ultimately cause their removal from your home. If you are seeing bed bugs then you should try repellants first before doing anything else. Make sure to use these bed bug repellants once a week to see immediate results.

Contact Pest Control Services

If these bed bugs are out of control and you want to get rid of them immediately then you must call the professional pest control. They make use of high-quality & the best pest solutions and the latest techniques for removal of the bed bugs. Thus, you should make use of the best pest control services. 


The above mentioned tips are effective for the removal of bed bugs. When you’re not able to remove them by yourself, try calling professional pest control. Pest control service is one of the reliable and best methods using which one can remove an infestation of bed bugs. 

What Do Professionals Use To Kill Ants?

We are well acquainted with the fact that ants are the most troublesome pests. They are found in each and every house. This is because they are attracted to the food that is available at our houses. However, whenever we have an ant problem, we immediately want to get rid of the problem and those troublesome ants. There is no doubt in saying that we consult a professional for the same. But you may have many questions riding in your mind before calling for a professional. 

We have encountered many questions from our customers about their ant problems. Nonetheless, the most common question that is asked by the customers is what do professionals use to kill ants? We do not doubt people for asking such a question. Because we understand that you have the complete right to know what professionals use to kill the ants from your house.

It is very essential to know what kind of chemicals are used for ant control and extermination. If you want to make sure what chemicals they use so that you can be comfortable with the whole process then scroll down. 

Here we answer your question about what do professionals use to kill ants

There are many chemicals used by professionals for ant extermination. They have to use such multiple chemicals for a single treatment because ants might be resistant to some of the chemicals. They might have even acquired immunity to certain chemicals. So, in such cases, multiple chemicals help to kill them. Continue reading to know more:

  1. Boric acid- This is one of the most commonly used chemicals that kills ants. Even many homeowners sue this as an ant repellent. It is spread around the whole house evenly for ant control. Apart from ants, it can also be used for other pests. This chemical attracts the ants and once consumed their stomach gets poisoned. Sometimes, they even take some boric acid back to their nest and the result will be complete destruction of their own kind.
  1. Hydramethylnon- This chemical is widely used for many pests including ants. This acts as a slow poison. Hydramethylnon works slowly but has the ability to kill ants effectively. This chemical kills the ants over a time span of a few days. During these few days, ants can take back plenty of this chemical. Thus, after a few days, not only the ants at your home but the ants in their colony will also die. 
  1. Fipronil- Fipronil is less toxic as compared to hydramethylnon and boric acid. But it completely acts like poison for ants. As soon as an ant comes in contact with this chemical, it directly attacks its nervous system and instant death is seen. Due to its mouldy smell, Fipronil attracts a lot of pests like ants, beetles, bugs, and many more. This chemical must be put up near ant colonies and entry points.
  1. Piperonyl butoxide- Piperonyl is not a poison but when added with other pesticides can increase its effectiveness by a huge margin. This chemical mainly inhibits the ants’ metabolism. This causes the ants to succumb to poison quickly. All the above-mentioned chemicals have some amount of Piperonyl butoxide added to them by professionals for effective killing of ants.

Do You Want To Hire Ant exterminators?

As you can see exterminators try to give their 100% in killing the ants. If not by one chemical, they use multiple chemicals for ant control. This shows the dedication towards work and professionalism that pest exterminators follow. Being in this industry for many years, Pest Control Scarborough knows all the tips and tricks of ant control. Our professional pest exterminators are proficient in providing ant control services all across Scarborough. So, hire us right away if you have ant problems and other pest problems.